7 Ways To Keep Your Car In Good Condition

Is Your Car in A1 condition?

Cars have undeniably been one of the greatest and most expensive inventions of all time. But like most things, keeping your car in good condition can help you save thousands of dollars per month, more so in a year. With the high dependency of people using private cars on a daily basis, you ought to take care of your wheels, right? Among the 4.4 million registered vehicles in New Zealand as of March 2021, how many of those actually take care of their cars?

The main question is, how can you keep your car in good condition? With the help of electrical services, of course! Fasten your seat belt and read on to know how to properly keep your car in top shape. 

1. Get a regular tune-up

Tune-ups help preserve your car’s performance and longevity by replacing numerous wear-and-tear parts. The mechanic typically checks and adjusts all systems in the vehicle related to the combustion process. You may want to get a tune-up if you find yourself having difficulty starting the engine, you observe reduced braking capacity and fuel mileage, you hear strange noises, and if the warning light is on. Get a tune-up once in approximately 96,560 to 144,840 km to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly.

 2. Check your brakes

If you don’t regularly check your brakes, there is a high possibility of a serious crash waiting to happen. As you drive, make sure to listen for noises when you hit the brakes and pay attention to any vibrations or shuddering from the pedal. If you also notice that you’re taking longer than expected to stop, it might be a good idea to book electrical services with your trusted mechanic as soon as possible. 

3. Check the fluids

It’s just as important to check the coolant, engine oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, windshield washer fluid, and engine oil at least once a week. When one of these fluids is low on supply or needs changing, it can cause serious damage to your car. That’s never a cheap fix. Once you spot a leak, try to identify its color and immediately inform your mechanic to speed up the repair. If your fluids are low, you may either get your mechanic to refill the fluid, or you may refill it yourself. 

4. Make sure your SRS Supplementary Support System (airbag) is functional

A faulty airbag at a time of an accident is a disaster waiting to happen. Of course, you would want to keep you and your passengers safe from harm. This is why SRS Supplementary Supports Systems is one of the most important electrical services any mechanic can offer you. If your airbags have recently been deployed, immediately get them replaced and have the sensors reset to make sure they will work the next time an accident occurs. 

5. Keep your car insured

Aside from getting electrical services, it is just as important to keep your car insured. The insurance company will handle the fees due when you damage someone else’s car, but more importantly, insurance covers damages done to your car too. Say if a flood swept New Zealand and your car happens to receive the brunt of the damage, you won’t have a problem getting your car fixed. It may cost you a few extra bucks, but it’s definitely worth all the extra money when an unfortunate incident occurs. 

6. Inspect your wipers 

Damaged wipers can be very dangerous since they cannot properly remove debris and rain from your windshield, reducing visibility and making you vulnerable to accidents. Not to mention, your windshield won’t be properly cleaned as well. If you notice any imperfections with the rubber, and if the wiper is not in full contact with the windshield due to bent frames, it’s time to get them replaced. Talk to your trusted mechanic and replace your wipers with functional ones. 

7. Regularly inspect your battery

Routine battery testing helps you figure out when the battery needs replacing or not. Not knowing if you’ve run out of power until the last minute when you’re forced to stop on the highway during traffic is a nightmare waiting to unfold. That’s why many mechanics offer battery testing and replacement among their electrical services because it is very essential in keeping your car in its top shape.

Truly, cars are expensive investments with lots of maintenance and care needed, but the value it brings to our daily lives makes the money worth it. This is also why you need to consult with a trusted mechanic and avail of their electrical services to make sure your vehicles are in good hands, and your money is spent wisely. Rodney Auto Centre is one with you in saving your time and wallet by giving you the utmost care you and your car need. 

Keep your car in good condition with our electrical services. We offer anything from batteries, starters, alternators, fuel injection, tune-ups, wiring, SRS Supplementary Restraint System (airbag), wipers, electric windows, engines, brakes, reversing cameras, and more! 

We are a one-stop-shop for all vehicle repairs and maintenance. For quality auto services in Silverdale, always think you have Rodney Auto Centre near you! Visit or book your car inspection or service now via www.rodneyautocentre.co.nz.

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