Full Vehicle Servicing

All vehicles should have a service around once every 6 months or every 10,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. Servicing your vehicle with a reliable auto centre ensures problems are eliminated and minimized and that you can drive with peace of mind. Rodney Auto Centre has a number of servicing options available, ensuring your car is reliable and ready for the road.

Retain the Value of Your Car

The team ensures that you don’t have any problems and doing this each year will keep you and your passengers safe, as well as retain the value of your car. A standard service includes things like draining and replacing your engine oil and filter, topping up all fluids, and inspecting and cleaning air filters.

Rodney Auto Centre also offers a premium service which is everything included in a standard service plus more. For instance, tightening your fan belts, testing the condition of your antifreeze, washing and vacuuming the vehicle, and road testing it.

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Maximise the Lifespan of Your Vehicle

By booking in your standard or premium vehicle servicing, not only will you maximise the lifespan of your vehicle, you’ll keep yourself and your passengers safe on the road. Failure to do this could result in premature issues that could have been kept at bay with a service.

Rodney Auto Centre provides a friendly, hassle-free service that you can rely on, helping you to keep your car road-worthy for longer.

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As an added bonus all vehicles serviced or repaired will receive a complimentary groom (interior and exterior).

Courtesy cars are available by request at no extra charge. Enquire with us when you drop off your vehicle to arrange.

Full Vehicle Service Silverdale

Keep your car in great condition