WOF Silverdale Services to Ensure Your Car Safety

WOF Inspections on the Hibiscus Coast

We carry out WOF inspections on all cars, 4×4 vehicles, and trailers. The inspections are all carried out on-site by a certified mechanic at our Silverdale workshop.

You can also book for car servicing along with the WOF inspection. This way, any issues that come up during the WOF inspection, it can be looked after during the car servicing.

For more information, just give us a call at 09 426 5016

What is a Warrant of Fitness?

A warrant of fitness inspection, or WoF, is carried out to ensure your car is legally compliant. This is a regular check to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive on the road – protecting not only you, but other road users.

Rodney AutoCentre wants to help you as much as possible in obtaining a WoF, so here are a few pointers to help ensure you get your certificate without hassle.

car diagnostic check
  • Check that all of your lights work – double-check all of your lights, and get a friend to help if you need to. We can replace bulbs on the spot if needed.
  • Check your wipers – make sure your wipes are working as they should be. Wipers can also be replaced during the assessment.
  • Know what your tyre pressure and tread should be and ensure your tyres are not bald – this can be found in your manual.
  • Assess how much oil you have, top it up if needed – use your dipstick to assess how much oil you have and top it up if you need to, or we can do it for you.
  • Ensure no tears or rips in your seats and seatbelts – carefully check over your seats and seatbelts for rips.
  • Remove child safety seats – take out any child safety seats and put your back seats up to save time.
  • Make sure your car boot is empty – this allows us to easily check your spare wheel.

Using the above checklist before you bring your car to our Silverdale centre will save a lot of time and hassle. If your vehicle has any small issues, we can usually fix it right then and there. Wipers, bulbs, and batteries can all be replaced – just let us know of anything you’re aware of when you arrive and we will fix it as quickly as we can for you.

If something major needs to be rectified, our team can give you clear notes outlining the repairs and the costs involved. We’ll even give you a call so you won’t be shocked when you come to pick up your car. 

How often do you need a WOF?

How often you need to have this assessment done will depend on the age of your car. A new vehicle will not require a WOF until the third anniversary of registration, but older vehicles may require a WOF every 6-12 months (first registered in 2000 or later: 12 months; first registered in 1999 or earlier: 6 months).

Make sure you keep up with your assessments so that you can stay safe on the road and avoid getting into trouble. Get in touch with Rodney AutoCentre to book your appointment today!

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