Advantages and Disadvantages of having a 4×4 Vehicle

A 4×4 Truck!

Having a vehicle is a milestone for every person or every family household. It is a necessity, especially if you live far from the city where public transportation is viable. Whether you have a sedan or a 4×4, quality general servicing for any car make and model is welcome here at Rodney Auto Centre. However, if you are looking to buy a brand new or second-hand 4×4, this blog post is for you. In this blog post, we will be sharing with you a few advantages and disadvantages of having a 4×4 car.

Let’s start now, shall we?


There are many advantages of having a 4×4 car in New Zealand. 

  1. Firstly, it can be used as a primary vehicle. In the wintertime of New Zealand, there will be snow on the road that blocks cars from being able to drive through due to getting stuck. With a 4×4 car, first, you have to put on the snow tires to make sure it can drive through on snowy roads. 
  2. Second, a 4×4 car is very useful when going off-road as they are capable of shifting terrain which would be impossible for non-4×4 vehicles, mainly due to the higher ground clearance and four-wheel drive the 4×4 provides.
  3. Another advantage is being able to go off-road. There are many 4×4 car owners who love doing this and participate in off-roading competitions. Off-road tracks have varying degrees of difficulty from one being easy (like a walk in the park) to very difficult which would require full recovery winch systems to get out of in case of a stuck. But just because you do this, it does not mean that you are going to be stranded in the middle of nowhere due to having a 4×4.
  4. Furthermore, having a 4×4 has the ability to tow large objects like other cars or boats through sand dunes and mud. The reason why most 4x4s can tow a boat is due to the increased ground clearance.
  5. You also get the bonus of extra space in your car as most 4x4s come with large amounts of roof racks that allow you to carry bigger loads along with the ability to have larger fuel tanks. The increased ground clearance and higher torque coming from the engine usually mean that the vehicle will be more able to deal with rougher terrain such as sand or mud. This allows you to go places where normal cars cannot even drive through without getting stuck (usually due to the high ground clearance).
  6. The extra height and ruggedness of a 4×4 are useful for those who live in environmentally fragile areas. A 4×4 car can make it possible to reach destinations that are unreachable via road which cuts out the need for long walks or tramping gear. Though this would not be as much of an issue now as most cars are able to go off-road, I believe that many people still enjoy using 4×4 and it is a great way to explore the mountainous regions of New Zealand.


  1. The cost of purchasing a 4×4 is much more expensive than having a normal, 2 wheel drive car. It costs about $1000 for the extra set of snow tires. There are many different sets of snow tires that range from standard to all-terrain where they provide greater grip in slippery conditions and also provide added traction on snowy roads. 
  2. Another disadvantage of having a 4×4 is that it drains the fuel tank at higher rates. This is due to the fact that when powering all four wheels, more energy has to be spent in order for the 4×4 to function and also travel faster. There are many hazards that come with having a 4×4. 
  3. One way of avoiding risks is to not take the car off-road at all times which can cause a risk of damaging the wheels and suspension parts on non paved roads. Another major hazard would be when driving in an area where there are no roads or paths, there is a chance that the car could enter a stream and end up sinking. 
  4. This hazard can be avoided if it has chains, winches, or other recovery tools. The greatest risk when having a 4×4 would be the fact that they damage significantly easier than normal cars. They are more susceptible to dents and scratches due to the large wheels that create more surface in contact with the ground. New models are also very expensive to repair as they come with a one-year warranty and after that, you have to pay for all of your own expenses. 

A 4×4 isn’t a typical vehicle. Rodney Auto Centre takes pride in being 4×4 specialists that can deliver the ultimate service that you need. From air filtration to gasket monitoring, we combine quality and value. Visit us at 14 Agency Lane Silverdale, Auckland. You may also call us for a maintenance appointment at 09 426 5016. 

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