Why Is It Important To Have a Regular Car Maintenance Check-Up?

Why Is It Important To Have a Regular Car Maintenance Check-Up?

In our previous blog about the pros and cons of leasing and buying a car, we mentioned that maintaining your vehicle is more important than anything else besides monthly amortisation. You can read it here. (Link here). 

We at Rodney Auto Centre can’t emphasise enough the importance of a well-maintained car. Not that we don’t want to have clients, we sure do need more, but we all want a stress-free life, don’t we? So, here are a few of the many reasons why:

  • It can up its resale value.
  • You are preventing road mishaps from happening.
  • It prevents you from having a dent in your finances.
  • And more!

Obviously, regular car maintenance is essential for ensuring the longevity and reliability of your vehicle. One of the most important aspects of a car diagnostics routine is to check your electricals and brakes, among other things.


One of the main benefits of regular car maintenance is preventing breakdowns. You don’t want to break down in the middle of the road, let alone get stuck on the ice during winter. According to the statistics gathered by the Federal Highway Administration, drivers – trucks or cars – about 190, 100 crashes per year happen during winter. 

Mechanics have the tools and know-how to pinpoint potential problems before they become serious. What are they? 

  • Leaks
  • Misaligned wheels
  • Worn or torn brake pads
  • Oil and other necessary fluids.

So early detection is always better than wasting a lot of money fixing totally preventable issues. For example, during a routine oil change, a mechanic may notice that your brake pads are worn and need to be replaced. In addition, they can also spot problems in your suspension. If this issue is not addressed, it could lead to costly repairs or even an accident. Car diagnostics are crucial in identifying these problems and ensuring that your vehicle is safe and reliable.

Another advantage of regular car maintenance is that it can improve your car’s fuel efficiency. Over time, your car’s engine, transmission, and other systems may wear down, resulting in decreased fuel efficiency. The next question is: how often is it necessary to check your car? Honestly, the answer is “it depends.”

It depends on the vehicle’s age and what fuel you are using. 


According to aa.co.nz, modernised vehicle distributors have extended their petrol servicing out to 12 months or when you reach 15, 000 kms, whichever comes first. It also stated that some car brands, like BMW, have a maintenance warning light indicator that will light up if you are already due for car maintenance. 

For diesel-powered vehicles, car maintenance must be done every 3 months or if you reach 5,000 kms. However, if you don’t use it for off-roading or you don’t drive in dusty areas, that can be checked 6 months onward or when you reach 7,500 kilometres. 

You can also refer to your car manual for details on when to have your car checked or maintained.

What Else Should You Check During Car Maintenance Check-Ups?

Besides the above-mentioned, you should also consider checking the following:

  • Air filters
  • Check the tyre’s proper inflation
  • Smog check
  • Power-steering 
  • Spark plugs

In addition, car diagnostics are essential in identifying issues affecting your car’s fuel efficiency, such as a malfunctioning oxygen sensor or a clogged fuel injector.


As we all know, we cannot stop accidents, but we can prevent them from happening. Your responsibilities as a car owner don’t stop at being diligent in paying your monthly amortizations but also the safety of other motorists, especially pedestrians. 

If you are equipped with tools or knowledge, by all means, you can keep your vehicle maintained. However, if you need help, visit your trusted mechanic or auto centre, which has proper car diagnostic tools. Professional mechanics can identify potential issues before they become significant problems and perform the necessary repairs to keep your car running smoothly. Any car diagnostic centre in Silverdale will be able to help you, like Rodney Auto Centre. If you are nearby, visit our shop and talk to our mechanics about maintaining your vehicle.

It’s essential to remember that each car is different and may have specific maintenance needs. You may also refer to your manual for recommendations on the best maintenance schedule for your vehicle. 

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